they will be rewarded in 2022 by EMKE

Today they will be rewarded in 2022 by EMKE

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they will be rewarded in 2022 by EMKE

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The Transylvanian Hungarian Public Cultural Association (EMKE) has published the list of its winners in 2022. The awards for the “Oscar of Transylvania” will be presented on Saturday, April 9, at 3 pm in the ceremonial hall of the Protestant Theological Institute in Cluj-Napoca.

The annual general meeting of the EMKE will be held from 11 am before the award ceremony, during which the presidency will hold its annual report and outline future plans.

In 2022, EMKE will award:

János Bányai Award: Museologist Orsolya Dimény-Haszmann for her achievements in Hungarian museology in Transylvania (judge: Ferenc Pozsony)

Ferenc Balázs Award: Árpád P. Buzogány, cultural organizer, for his exemplary value-creating and value-preserving activities for the community and for his recognition of his work for public culture (lauded by Ildikó Lőrincz)

Jenő Janovics Award: Television journalist Blanka Székely for her many reports on our cultural life and the flexible, creative and forward-looking shaping of our Hungarian media reality in Transylvania (lauded by Ágnes Maksay)

Gr. Miklós Bánffy Award: Economic Director Péter Stier for his persistent work for the Hungarian community (lauded by István Gedő Bessenyei)

Zoltán Kallós Award: Photographer Gyula Ádám for the artistically sensitive documentation of the everyday life of the Csimes of Gyimes and Moldavia, of the Hungarians living in Szeklerland and the scattered region (judge: Kati Panek, read by: Csilla Albert)

György Kovács Award: Actor Attila Kozma for his diverse stage and artistic activities (judge: Zoltán Fülöp)

Gr. Kun Kocsárd Award: Historian Lucian Nastasă-Kovács for the promotion of the restoration of the Hungarian artistic heritage in Transylvania and for its acquaintance with the general public, for the development of cultural relations between Romania and Hungary and the Carpathian Basin (laudal: István Csucsuja)

István Monoki Award: Irina Rugină is a retired librarian for the Hungarian library business in Romania, including her work on saving and mediating in the Partium (judged by Ilona Gurka-Balla).

István Grand Prize: For conductor István Potyó, cantor, teacher – for his outstanding artistic work in the field of Hungarian church music and choral movement in Transylvania, as well as for his excellent organizing activities (lauded by András Demeter Vincze)

Szolnay Sándor Award: For sculptor Rudolf Kocsis, university professor – for his outstanding work in the field of fine arts, art pedagogy and restoration (lauded by Mihály Vargha)

Poor Lili Award: For actress Annamária D. Albu – for her sacrificial theatrical work (lauded by László Bocsárdi)

You will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award:

György Selmeczi composer, conductor, teacher and director for his extraordinary work for Hungarian and universal music culture and for the education of musical communities Gyula Levente Deák (posthumous) in recognition of his selfless work János Péntek, professor of linguistics, ethnographer, decades of professional work, emphasis on the importance of mother tongue culture, Tibor Fleisz, historian, private university professor for his work on the history of the city, society and press of Oradea, for his diverse journalistic activities, as in recognition of his work as an international chess judge

Béla Bokor, Professor Emeritus of the Transylvanian Hungarian Public Cultural Association, President of the Foundation for Hungarians Abroad – for his decades-long selfless activities in helping the Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin, and for helping the various Hungarian communities across the border honorary membership donate., 2022. april 5.